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About Us

Dr. Chomba ChumaCC Viwanda was founded by Dr. Chomba Chuma, a medical doctor, entrepreneur and visionary.

As an entrepreneur, he has great understanding of the importance of local manufacturing and production as a means of poverty eradication, offering sustainable jobs and empowering the community. After years living in South Africa from his native country Kenya, and travelling extensively, his passion for uplifting local communities in rural Kenya culminated to this project.

Money is like blood and keeps the economy running. The movement of such money will always and inevitably flow more to those who primarily produce and less to those who primarily consume. This understanding can explain much of the poverty and despondency that is experienced by most African nations, and more-so in the rural areas.

Production then became the main driver behind Dr Chuma’s motivation to make changes to the rural areas where he grew up and create a replicable model for other parts of Kenya and Africa in general.

To do this, production has to be packaged into an entity! A business.

Ultimately, business and enterprise is the key to economic emancipation for Africa. Agriculture has been the back-bone of our economies since independence, but the tide is changing. With land subdivisions, poor agricultural farming practices and massive urbanization in our countries, there is need to look at other alternatives to provide livelihood and income for our communities.

To grow our communities from agricultural into industrial societies, we need to embrace manufacturing and production as a means to economic development.

CC Viwanda offers just that – a way to develop local enterprises that provide livelihoods, jobs and integrity to people of our nation.


CC Viwanda Provides Prosperity through enterprise development within the rural & urban areas of Kenya

Our primary aim is the uplifting of social-economic environment of local communities; moving from Agriculture into Manufacturing & Industry that is a more sustainable way of alleviating poverty.

We achieve this through 3 primary pillars:

  1. Identify a business opportunity (PROJECT) – based on demand for a product and availability of Raw Materials; then generate a business plan for the project.
  2. Identify and Develop the Entrepreneurs (PROSPECT)Give Training for Knowledge and Skill to the identified groupings to enable them succeed in their enterprise.
  3. Business Development (BUSINESS)
    1. Arrange Financing options  – secure the required outlay for the initial purchase, installation and operational costs of the business.
    2. Business Support – Provide Business Support in Operations, Marketing and Sales of the products and businesses identified.

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