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CC Viwanda Provides Prosperity through enterprise development within the rural & urban areas of Kenya

Our primary aim is the uplifting of social-economic environment of local communities; moving from Agriculture into Manufacturing & Industry that is a more sustainable way of alleviating poverty.

We achieve this through 3 primary pillars:

  1. Identify a business opportunity (PROJECT) – based on demand for a product and availability of Raw Materials; then generate a business plan for the project.
  2. Identify and Develop the Entrepreneurs (PROSPECT) – Give Training for Knowledge and Skill to the identified groupings to enable them succeed in their enterprise.
  3. Business Development (BUSINESS)
    1. Arrange Financing options  – secure the required outlay for the initial purchase, installation and operational costs of the business.
    2. Business Support – Provide Business Support in Operations, Marketing and Sales of the products and businesses identified.

Some Of Our Stats

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