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Vision & Mission – CC Viwanda

Prosperity through enterprise!

Our vision is a Kenya that is economically prosperous through production and enterprise!

A society that has re-gained its integrity, honour and pride by being productive and wealthy. A community that is self-reliant, resourceful and enterprising to help regain lost confidence from decades of poverty.

CC Viwanda basic purpose is Providing Prosperity through enterprise development within the rural & urban areas of Kenya and ultimately Africa.

CC Viwanda helps in Identifying Business Opportunities (PROJECT), Social Mobilization, Training and Skills transfer (PROSPECT),  arranging Business finance and Business Support (BUSINESS) for Sustainable Businesses that foster social-economic prosperity for Kenyans.

The organization serves the Rural Kenyan environment with the aim of uplifting social-economic environment of local communities; moving from Agriculture into Manufacturing & Industry which we believe provides a more sustainable way of alleviating poverty.

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