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AGOA has rich export opportunities, if Kenya is interested

 This law constituted a ground-breaking American policy towards Sub Saharan Africa and came into effect in May, 2000, during President Clinton’s administration. Its purpose was to assist the economies of sub-Saharan Africa and improve economic relations between the United States and sub-Saharan Africa. Initially, it was envisaged that it would take 15 years. However, in […]

Kenya Emerging as One of East Africa’s Growth Centers

NAIROBI, March 5, 2015 — With solid growth continuing in infrastructure, agricultural production, manufacturing and other industries, Kenya is poised to be among the fastest-growing economies in East Africa, according to the latest World Bank Group’s (WBG) economic analysis for the country. The update, Anchoring High Growth: Can Manufacturing Contribute More?, forecasts a growth rate […]

Will the preferential procurement policy secure employment for Kenyan youths?

The youth form the fastest growing percentage of Kenya’s population. Their numbers, unlike any other time in the history of our country, have surpassed the working age population as well as available formal and informal jobs. While the trend has implications on unemployment rates in the country, it creates an avenue for productive opportunities especially […]

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